Beware of over-indebtedness: How to keep costs under control

Holidays, restaurant visits, real estate installments: there are a few expenses every month. Are they related to income? You should find out if you don’t want to slide into the minus. The world is alluring: colorful advertisements on television and on the Internet, advertising brochures with great offers, shop windows with attractive products. You could […]

How not to lose money, or what you can’t do

  The purchase of another property or the early repayment of an MdM loan will mean an obligation to return the surcharge. Are these all premises? It turns out that there are and there are other events that mean the loss of the surcharge. Many people have benefited from MdM subsidies However, meeting the criteria […]

Consumer credit insurance.

As you already know, consumer credit actually includes several different credit contracts, assigned credit, personal credit or personal loan and revolving credit or revolving credit. However, for these three types of contracts, the lending organization will offer and advise you to take out consumer credit insurance. We will therefore explain to you what this contract […]

7 ways to help parents get out of debt

It is known, in general, parents should help children and usually do so. However, sometimes it happens that they themselves get in trouble, and we, especially when we are adults, should help them. Unfortunately, but not only in health matters. Often adults make several wrong financial decisions and get in serious trouble. Nowadays, banks make […]

Free debt consolidation – Facts you need to know

Think of a home loan that is worth $ 30. This volume is ready based on the homeowner’s benefit structure. Furthermore, the interest may contain additional funds, or is not non-deductible. You pay around 0 monthly, until the loan is due if you take a home equity loan off 000. If here is the problem […]